General Information
MayDaysArtsTrail 2020
Hello MDAT Artists  
 MDAT is an annual local art festival and open studio event, run by artists for artists and the community in which we live. MDAT is run by a group of makers and shakers, drawn from artists who take part; communication is mainly by email. We all have our special skills and interests, but in addition we carry out functions as outlined below. 
 We have a couple of open business meetings each year to which all MDAT artists are invited. 
One is in June soon after the end of MDAT (to review what was good, and what needs fixing) , and a planning meeting in September where we agree the committee, and dates and deadlines for next years MDAT.  We have a couple of socials to which all MDAT artists and partners are invited. If you would like to be involved, please let us know.
If  you are interested but undecided in joining the 2020 trail.
Have a look at our our information sheets ' advice and tips' and 'Mentors'
Email ' Interested' to which will add you to our mailing list which will keep you in the loop. Your name would be good too.

If you would like to talk to somebody about the art trail, please contact 

one of the people below.

Enrolment and Enquiries.

Mike Peacock is dealing with registration, and for general enquiries 
please contact him at  
(02392 465713)
or contact zyg kruk at  (02392 469104).  


Jane Dudley , Clare Gosling andChloe Menage are publicising MDAT in the local press and elsewhere.  All MDAT artists are responsible for publicising the events in their area by distributing leaflets, posters and brochures in their area to noticeboards, community centres and shops. 

Jane Dudley is organising an exhibition of works by MDAT 2019 artists in the display cases at Hayling Library in April and May 2019. Please contact Jane if you would like to exhibit.

 Keith and Amanda Legget are willing to help artists with photographing images for the MDAT brochure; please contact

 Advice for MDAT Exhibitors
The following pdf files provide guidance for exhibitors.

'Advice and tips'

Is based on the experiences of exhibitors on previous trails.

Ċ  MDAT Advice and Tips .pdf 


Provides a list of names of experienced participants that can provide advice to less-experienced exhibitors.

 Ċ  MDAT Mentors.pdf

'Health and Safety'

Contains important guidance for the care of our visitors.

 Ċ  MDAT Health & Safety.pdf

Posters and Brochures.
Each enrolled artists receives  brochures and other
publicity materials which  they are expected to distribute
and display

The date for collecting 2019 brochures 

Group Enrolment
We would like groups to follow the following guidelines when registering. This ensures that details of all artists exhibiting at a venue can have their details listed in the brochure, and sufficient publicity materials are available to all artists.

1 or 2 artists at a single venue (¼ page entry) £40

Group of  3-5 artists at a single venue (1/2 page entry) £80.

Group of 6-9 artists at a single venue (¾ page entry) £120

Group of 10 or more artists at a single venue (full page entry) £160

Free of charge : Schools

Artists Looking for Exhibition Space.

If you do not have studio or exhibition space and would like to take part in MDAT 2018,  there are three multi artist venues on Hayling Island, namely Northney Barn, Hayling Island Community Centre, Radford Hall.

If you wish to exhibit at one of these venues, you are encouraged to enrol early, as space is limited, and places will be are allocated on first come first served.


There is room for artists at Northney Barn, and preference is given to artists who have exhibited there last year. Please contact Samm Mackinnon for details.

There is exhibition space available at Hayling Island Community Centre, and at Radford Hall. Please contact Jane Dudley  to discuss your requirements.

Register using the enrolment form.