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 12     John Geden
I am a small-scale natural honey producer based in Hayling Island.
I manage between 100-150 colonies of bees that produce beautiful golden honey that is both natural and local.
We supply our honey to Stoke Fruit Farm and the Southern Cooperative stores in Hayling and surrounding areas. We also supply the new café in the Hayling Community Centre ‘TatThe Park’.

I run beekeeping courses for beginners and advanced courses for those with basic knowledge and some experience and I can supply beekeeping equipment and bees to beekeepers.

I also make a range of candles made from the natural beeswax that our bees produce. During 2018 I am beginning to make a range of bee related cosmetics, soaps and polishes using beeswax, pollen, honey and propolis from my bees.

I participated in 2017 MDAT and received lots of good feedback from the public resulting in many return customers.

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Radford Hall,Beach Road, Hayling Island PO8 0JD
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 Telephone: 02392461829
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